New Partners

The National Soccer League Pacific Conference has expansion opportunities in California, Oregon, and Washington. If your club wants to participate in a "club first" atmosphere, there is a good chance we will be a match. The NSL is committed to helping its member clubs succeed. The reasons for this are keeping costs low, features high, and providing unlimited benefits. There is finally a national league that puts its member clubs first, so please read more to learn how the NSL works.

First off, the annual membership fees of the NSL Pacific conference are a small percentage of the club's annual operating budget.  The Pacific Conference's yearly dues are approximately 30% of what the other National League's charge. The NSL promises to keep these membership expenses low. As a result, clubs will have more funds for other necessities like stadium rent, staff, and equipment.

Just acquiring some basic needs may be challenging to find and purchase. Several important features are in the annual membership fee. These include 22 player registrations, game balls, league banner, league patches, and an integrated club website. These features help to reduce administrative and promotional costs, underscoring the value of being part of the league that emphasizes a "club first" philosophy.

Pacific conference clubs have a wide range of benefits. Clubs create many of these benefits by working together as business partners at the league level. This business partner format will generate much-needed income. For example, clubs work together to create attractive sponsorship opportunities that expand across the entire league. Sponsors will find the larger audience attractive and the clubs who will share in the revenue. The "club first" philosophy is a useful tool to help clubs achieve their goals.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the NSL Pacific conference and how it will benefit your club. The NSL is committed to a "club first" philosophy that will ultimately provide its clubs with the best chance to succeed. Reduced cost combined with increased features and unlimited benefits is proof of that. Contact Pacific Conference director Nick Arellano at 408-766-4775 or email